Resources and Tools

Below is a list of my favourite resources that I have learned about in my ECMP 355 course with Dr. Alec Couros.

  • – Find out who is the author of a certain website
  • Jing -A useful website to create a screen cast
  • Aviary – A free website for editing pictures 
  • – A free website that allows you to create posters
  • – Make a picture talk
  • – Website that creates a video for you. Just upload any pictures you want in the video, choose the music and there’s your video!
  • – Create a video – it’s a lot like imovie and it’s free!
  • – Create a video by typing whatever you want to say – it’ll give you a computer animated voice and speak for you
  •, –  Usefull websites for making a presentation
  • – Make any kind of time line (example – a history time line)
  • – Create a sketch with or without a voice
  • – Create your own cartoon characters and video on  
  • – Create a story using the art that’s on the website
  • – Collaborative video editing

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