International Children’s Digital Library

Recently, in one of my last classes at university, I learned about a new website that I love! The website is for the International Children’s Digital Library which is a free organization that puts up children’s books in many different languages and from many different cultures. I feel that this website would be very useful in any classroom. Now-a-days there are diverse backgrounds and languages being represented in the classroom. This website would be great for children who are EAL learners because they could see the same book in their first language as well as the language that they are currently learning. This website also allows children to read and learn from books about their cultural backgrounds. I feel that this website is a great way to help all students feel welcome. As a teacher I think it would be cool to read books from the cultural backgrounds that are represented in the classroom so that all students can feel included and respected. I also believe that it is important to include a number of other cultures that may not be represented. If the students become more knowledge-able about other cultures they will become more open-minded towards them.


About ashleymcdougall

I'm a candidate teacher finishing my last year of studies at the University of Regina. I'm focusing my studies on Early Childhood Education.
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