Racism at UCLA

Lately in ECMP 355 we watched a video of a girl that attends the University of California. The girl had taken a video of herself talking about “Asians”. Her video was extremely racist. The UCLA Chancellor put a video out very soon in response to the racist video. I have looked through a number of different responses and a lot of them are about hate. However, I have come across one response that is more about love. The author made a song that was quite humerous and he ends it by saying that love has no boundaries. I was amazed that he could respond in love. Racism brings up so much hate but this person was willing to forgive. I feel that the world would be a lot better place if we could just learn to respond in love, no matter how much it hurts.

Here is the video that is really quite funny and sweet. To the author … You did an amazing job!


About ashleymcdougall

I'm a candidate teacher finishing my last year of studies at the University of Regina. I'm focusing my studies on Early Childhood Education.
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