Me, myself and I

I grew up on a farm near a teeny, tiny town in South Western Manitoba. I really love and miss the farm and plan to move back to a farm one day. I went to a very small school nearby where everyone knew what everyone else was doing. I have a fairly large family that I spend lots of time with whenever I have the chance. There’s my dear parents who are still farming with all their hearts! I have two older sisters and one brother. Both of my sisters are married and have children of their own. I have two nephews and three neices and another one on the way! My brother has lived in Regina but is currently back on the farm.
I have been married for six months! My husband works at his family’s auction company but plans to farm one day.  We both enjoy the outdoors and have an interest in snowboarding, camping, reading Louis L’amours, and exploring. We both love the ocean and we plan to travel to Alaska some day. 
I also spend a lot of time with my husband’s family. My husbands parents live on a farm near a teeny, tiny town in South Eastern Saskatchewan. My husband has one older sister, who is married and has one boy, and two younger brothers. Family is very important to my husband and me and we do lots with both of our families … like camping, boating, quadding, gopher hunting, etc.
I have a few more favourite things to do other than camping, quadding, snowboarding and gopher hunting. I love wakeboarding, waterski-ing, canoe-ing and pretty much anything that involves water. I love traveling and learning about other countries … Cayman Islands are probably my most favourite place I’ve been because they are so beautiful. I enjoyed snorkeling, and boogie boarding there and would love to do that everyday if I could. I have always dreamed of surfing but that’s hopefully in my future. I love reading – Louis L’amours are my favourite because they share a lot about the days when people started coming to Canada from other countries to settle.
During my Internship I constantly used technology … not that I’m really good at it or anything. I used google and youtube for so many lessons. I love youtube because there are so many videos and songs that are helpful to make things more realistic for the children. I made a video on a mac but I don’t have any clue how to make a video on any other computer. When I was in school we used computers but I didn’t really learn a whole lot about the internet and how to use it. We used computers to learn how to type and to write papers.  Anything that I do know about technology I’ve figured out by myself or had some help from another classmate. 
I think technology is very important in the classroom. Students in kindergarten are around technology all of the time and most students are interested in learning how to use technology. Most students are better at figuring things out than I am. For example some of the students had these DSI’s … I had no clue what they were and they taught me how to use them. I think that students are going to use technology whether we teach about it or not so we might as well teach them as much as we can. Kids know about youtube and if we can guide them to videos that will actually teach them something then they won’t just be watching some video, they’ll be learning!!!
I’m excited about this course! I mentioned today that I had a presentation from you and joined twitter because of what you said. I think the biggest thing for me was that you made it look so easy but when I tried it myself I really had no idea what I was doing. I’m excited that this class will teach me more about using the internet to help me as a teacher. I want to make a professional profile that will benefit me when I start looking for jobs! Most of all I’m so excited to know that I’m going to learn about technology!

About ashleymcdougall

I'm a candidate teacher finishing my last year of studies at the University of Regina. I'm focusing my studies on Early Childhood Education.
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One Response to Me, myself and I

  1. Alec Couros says:

    I make a lot of the technology look easy, but as you know, it’s never that easy at first. You’ll get it though – just keep trying and experimenting, and you will master this domain and become even a better teacher than you would have imagined! 🙂

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