Welcome to my professional portfolio and personal blog!  To navigate through out my blog simply use the tabs above or refer to the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents

About Me – this section of the blog tells a little bit about myself.

Blog – this section is where I post about the latest things that are happening in my life including what I have learned, read and watched. 

Contact – this section of the blog includes my contact information.

Philosophy of Education – this section of my blog includes a video that I made about my own personal beliefs and philosophy of education.

Resources and Tools – this section of my blog includes a list of my favourite resources that I learned about in ECMP 355

Resume – this section of my blog includes a link to a pdf version of my resume.

Tech Tasks – this section of my blog includes the ten different tech tasks that I made through out this semester.

  • Final Project – this section of my blog includes a short explanation and a link to my final project.

5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Sandra McVannel says:

    Hi Ashley..I loved your six word story idea! Definitely a higher order thinking skill and a challenge for students to come up with relevant messages…as well a stress on word choice and the importance of a message with meaning. I love the connection with the visual too. Having students use the visual as a jumping ground fits with the concept that writer’s draw, writer’s think, writer’s write! Great idea…think I might try it with my class!

  2. Deb Hogg says:

    Hi Ashley,
    This is a wonderful example of how to use a blog as an e-portfolio! Very impressive!
    As a teacher at the other end of a teaching career, it is truly wonderful to witness how a new breed of teacher is taking hold of the opportunities that technology offers for making your mark in this brave new world! You are obviously making a strong digital footprint and showcasing high quality digital citizenship!
    Good job!
    Deb (Sydney, Australia)

  3. Thank you Deb! I was very overwhelmed with blogging at the start of my computer course; however I now enjoy the challenge of learning new things about education. Are you still teaching?

    • Deb Hogg says:

      Hi again Ashley,
      Yes still teaching… still learning… still inspired and engaged by the energy of other teachers! I started out as a High School Mathematics and Computer Studies teacher, back in 1982… last century – unbelievable! Am currently on a temporary contract for 2011 as a Technology and Applied Studies teacher in a girls’ high school – and about to start a pilot program to mentor a group of gifted and talented girls to complete a Mandarin language course by video conference! Even more unbelievable!
      I want to be a part of the new paradigm for education – the one that Sir Ken Robinson talks about and the one that engages kids in a whole new way! I’m tired of listening to students complain about the old ways and I hate that high school disengages kids because of the way it is organised! So the challenges continue.
      Regards, Deb (Sydney)

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